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Conditioning in Food Chain

Posted on January 09, 2023

The Netherlands is still one of the largest exporter of Agri Food products in the world. According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS) this was 9 billion euros less then two years ago!

The majority of these agro and food products are exported to countries in the EU itself.

Some of these products are transhipped directly to other EU countries, but many
flows are first processed in production, reconditioning, packaging and labelling. Taking into account that 80% of the food products to be transported concerns the need for refrigerated transport. A good cycle prevents food loss in the chain.

All facets within the food chain, from import, export, food production and processing are closely linked, a network from cold stores to ripening or pre-cooling, testing and quality control, (re)packing and sealing to order processing, these all have an impact in preventing foodproducts from being loss in the chain.