FWSM: Food Waste Solution Map
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The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority ensures that fresh products are processed safely. The production of fresh produce is a sector that has many different goals. From processing food products with a best-before date, instant or a fresh product in itself! Profit can be made in all parts. Upscaling through the reuse of residual flows is already a standard component. In addition, advanced extraction technologies are new opportunities for profit.

Explore subsectors

  • Extraction technology
  • Bio-based production
  • Smart Processing
  • Re-Use Residual Flows
  • Automization

Extraction technology

Extraction technology is one of the fastest evolving manufacturing processes, but also one of the oldest processes used in the food chain. Save flavors, colors and active ingredients in stead of throwing away these usefull ingredients. These can be used in varies products, also on non-food products. Think about implementing machinery to extract components previously treated as waste. Use the newly extracted ingredients in other products or make it a new product for sale.

Bio-based production

Most used types of biomass are starch, sugar and wood, mainly in classic processes, but natural fibres can be used in a lot of new products that also meets the non-food sector. But most important make a big impact on the circular economy. For example, food scraps are being used in soap and tomato plant stems for packaging material!

  • Making soup or other ready meals from imperfect products.
  • Making an alternative to animal leather, by using fibers and fruit peels for leather  substitutes.
  • Not only ordinary waste such as stems from tomato plants, but also imperfect products reduce waste in this way.    

Smart Processing

For example, using mild process technologies like ‘pulsed electric field’ (PEF) is prolonging shelf life without quality loss.

Re-Use Residual Flows

The re-use of residual flow scan be obtained from extraction technologies.

  • For example, rest-flow of fruit processed in factory products can be used as extraction material. But the other way round Extractions can be residual flow too


Within this segment there are various options that can contribute to the prevention of food waste or food loss within a production line, such as:

  • Using robotic quality inspection on the line.
  • Softer and more precise handling through automated handling and processing of products.