FWSM: Food Waste Solution Map
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Make food waste a thing of the past

Food Waste Solution map is a platform to discover and connect with institutions, organizations and companies that work towards ending food waste, making it easy to join forces and create an impact.

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Opportunities from the Food Waste Solution Map

Create the solution together

Join initiatives and share innovations across the entire production chain -- not only are they necessary, but offer benefits for business, consumer and environment.


Make your product visible

Create a detailed profile page for your organization. We'll make sure that your profile is searchable and filterable for others.


Find and connect

Search and filter other organizations and initiatives that are registered on our network based on sector and/or region.


Join forces and make impact

Found a potential partner? Contact them and start working together towards a world without food waste.

The sectors of the Food Waste Solution Map

The food chain in 5 sectors

Food Waste Solution Map categorizes the food chain in 5 different sectors. Search and find an organization that operates in a specific sector or register your own.

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