FWSM: Food Waste Solution Map
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Companies often take the lead to prevent food waste and loss. This from an idealistic goal, to pursue sustainable business operations, but also from the point of view of the value of waste! Because fighting food loss can generate profit!

Campaigns set up to prevent food waste and loss are now often aimed at the consumer. There is still a lot to be gained from consumption within the food chain! But it is unfair to leave out all other sectors within the food cycle. Profit can be made in every sector! The food chain can be divided into different sectors. And each sector has its own activities to combat food waste and loss.

The landscape of Innovations, Ideas and Initiatives within the 'Food Waste & Food loss' theme is impressive! The Food Waste Solution Map (FWSM) has been developed to bundle all movement on this theme within the food chain. To gain insight into the motives of various companies and initiatives within the 'Food Waste and Loss' problem!

We can subdivide the sectors into different segments. Each segment is part of the FWSM! There is activity in each segment in the field of and food-waste and loss &. Innovations are made in every segment. Solutions are provided in every segment. Possibilities are implemented in every segment all to prevent and/or add value to food waste or loss!

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The food chain in 5 sectors

Food Waste Solution Map categorizes the food chain in 5 different sectors. Search and find an organization that operates in a specific sector or register your own.